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New VacuRoll System: Cleaner, Dryer Strip for Less

When it comes to strip drying, there is no better system than our VacuRoll Cleaning and Drying System. It works better and is less costly to operate than air blow-off, wiper bar and wringer roll systems.

VacuRoll SystemThe VacuRoll system offers many advantages:

  • Efficient removal of dirt, debris and oil without scratching
  • Increase production – effective cleaning and drying at line speeds up to 5200 ft/min (1585 m/min)
  • Unique vacuum process dries strip right to the edge and eliminates messy run-off
  • Low operating costs – compressed air is used for only 60 seconds during system cleaning, not during strip cleaning and drying
  • Low-noise operation
  • Environmentally safe
  • Minimal downtime – system is cleaned in place. Plus, longer intervals between system maintenance
  • Wide range of configurations available – system is suitable for use on most cold strip and process lines; usually replaces existing equipment with minor modifications to the physical space

See the VacuRoll System in Action

How the VacuRoll System WorksHow the VacuRoll System Works

  • Roll shafts are mounted above and below strip as needed
  • The rolls remove dirt, contaminants, oil and water from the strip by creating a vacuum through the roll covering across the entire width of the strip
  • The VacuRoll system automatically adjusts to line speed
  • Dirt and debris are pulled into the roll shaft covering and the fluid removed from the strip is returned to the normal effluent stream
  • The roll covering is cleaned in place eliminating scratching of the strip and frequent roll changes to maintain performance. Both fluid and compressed air are used to remove contaminants in the covering material