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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Spraying Systems Co. is committed to developing a Sustainable Management System. We are implementing sustainable business practices in our own facilities worldwide, reducing our environmental impact wherever possible and addressing these important issues:

  • Energy management
  • Environmental management
  • Waste generation & recycling
  • Water usage
  • Fair labor practices
  • Employee safety
  • Developing products/solutions that promote sustainability

Spraying Systems Co. is also in a unique position to make a significant contribution with regard to sustainable business practices due to the breadth of the industries we support and our global presence. Our spray equipment enables manufacturers, processors and farmers around the world to operate more efficiently and with less impact on our environment.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Management

We continue to develop new strategies to reduce energy usage in our manufacturing operations. Examples of the strategies are LED lighting upgrades, computerized air compressor controls, upgraded building insulation, white reflective roofs, HVAC upgrades with variable speed drives and computerized building automation systems.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

A rigid and comprehensive ISO 14000 Environmental Management System is integrated into our business practices to minimize the environmental impact of the company and ensure regulatory compliance in our facilities. Internal and third party auditing of ISO 14000 criteria gives our customers and the public confidence that we are committed to protecting the environment.


Waste Generation / Recycling

An active recycling program audits all waste streams including paper, cardboard, plastic, electronics, wood, batteries, etc. An additional Solid Waste Study has enabled the Company to add several additional waste streams to our recycling efforts, diverting these from landfills. We take special care in capturing and recycling the materials our products are made of, such as brass, stainless steel, engineered plastics and manufacturing fluids.

Water Usage

Water Usage

We have mapped our facilities' water usage and are identifying ways to reduce usage. Our comprehensive water management program continues to find new ways to minimize water use. Our sales personnel perform free "Spray Audits" at customer facilities, helping customers map their water usage and identify where worn products are wasting precious resources.

Employee Safety

Fair Labor Practice

Spraying Systems Co. is committed to operating as an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in employment practices. We provide a diverse workplace and promote male, female, veteran and handicapped employment. As a privately held company for over 75 years, we take great pride in taking care of our employees, being good stewards in our community and partnering with other responsible organizations.

Employee Safety

Employee Safety

We have instituted a dynamic safety program which is audited quarterly to ensure we provide a safe and productive workplace. As required by the Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA), we categorize and report all work-related injuries and illnesses to the US Department of Labor for their additional review. Our audit programs help manufacturers eliminate excess spray in their production facilities, ensuring cleaner, safer and healthier working conditions.

Wide variety of spray nozzle solutions

Developing products/solutions that promote sustainability

Our products contribute directly to sustainable solutions for our worldwide customers. Examples of these solutions include spray systems that reduce the consumption of water, lubricants and coatings in manufacturing operations; spray equipment that reduces air pollution in processing plants; and spray nozzles that eliminate the need to use compressed air, thereby reducing energy consumption. We will continue to develop new products that will improve our customers' production efficiency while enabling them to operate in a sustainable manner with regard to the environment.