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Choose from Thousands of Nozzles in a Wide Range of Spray Patterns, Capacities, Pressures and Materials


No other supplier can match our broad range of spray nozzles. You can choose from tens of thousands of options and get the exact performance you need for your cooling, coating, cleaning, lubricating, humidifying, dust control and fire protection applications. Our popular FullJet®, VeeJet®, WhirlJet® and SpiralJet® nozzles are industry standards and are used around the world. Plus, these lines continue to expand – learn more about our newest additions: Maximum Free Passage FullJet nozzles and Uniform Distribution FullJet nozzles.


  • Wide range of spray patterns and spray angles – flat spray, solid stream, full cone, hollow cone, fine spray, oval and square with angles from 0° to 170° – ensures you'll find the coverage you need 
  • Flow rates from .09 to 9464 l/min and pressures up to 276 bar mean we have the nozzles that deliver the performance you require
  • Dozens of material options so you'll find the wear-, chemical-, corrosion- and temperature-resistance you need. Standard materials include a wide range of metals and plastics; high-performance alloys are available upon request 
  • Clog-resistant styles, easy-maintenance designs, wide range of connection sizes and types and dozens of mounting options let you choose the exact features you need
  • Single source ordering and the convenience of dealing with one full line supplier

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