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Choose from Integral, T-style or Self-Cleaning Industrial Nozzle Strainers to Ensure Proper Fluid Flow and Reduce Maintenance


Most operations can benefit from adding line strainers or integral nozzle strainers. Options include line strainers for use in low-, medium- and high-pressure applications and self-cleaning strainers for flows up to 1760 gpm (6662 l/min).


  • Order nozzles with built-in strainers to prevent debris from entering the orifice or vane. A wide range of mesh sizes and materials is available and can be used with standard and quick-connect flat spray, full cone, hollow cone and fine spray nozzles
  • Trap larger parts with T-style strainers. Choose from dozens of configurations, including self-cleaning strainers, designed for simple and quick cleaning and maintenance
  • For more demanding applications, higher capacity, self-cleaning strainers provide effective filtration and clog prevention. These units use a series of automatic filters with a self-cleaning mechanism driven by an electric motor