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Uniform Distribution FullJet® Nozzles Provide More Uniform Spray Patterns for Better Scrubbing and Cooling


For optimal results in gas scrubbing and cooling, there is no better choice than our Uniform Distribution (UD) FullJet nozzles. These high-capacity full cone nozzles provide the best performance of nozzles of their kind. A special vane design produces coarse drops that are uniformly distributed throughout the full cone pattern to ensure even distribution.


  • Uniform spray pattern means uniform scrubbing and cooling. Competitive nozzles of this type typically produce spray patterns with light centers and heavy edges that compromise performance
  • UD FullJet nozzles also provide reliable performance. With the largest free passage of any nozzle of this type, the risk of clogging is minimal even when using debris-filled or recirculated liquid
  • Durable polypropylene construction provides excellent wear and chemical resistance
  • Broad range of sizes and capacities meets a wide range of application requirements – flange sizes up to 12", and 60°, 90° and 120° spray angles