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Optimise Your Tank Cleaning Operations 


The level of sanitation within a tank depends entirely on the equipment being used. Spraying Systems have automated tank cleaning products that are able to thoroughly clean tanks and barrels in less time with reduced chemical and water use.

Factors to consider when choosing tank washing products include:
      • Spray distance
      • Rotation speed
      • Flow rate and pressure

It is important to understand exactly how the tank washing process works in order to choose the right equipment for your application. The engineers at Spraying Systems are able to determine which products would be best suited to the application at hand in order to ensure the highest quality clean possible.

Choosing the wrong equipment allows for an increased risk of contamination, unscheduled downtime and unforeseen repair costs. Some tanks require the use of items such as a filter to avoid clogging. If a filter is not being used, the integrity of the tank cleaning unit becomes compromised as debris will start to build up which diminishes the lifespan of the unit. Therefore, it is essential to have regular on-site visits conducted by an engineer who specialises in tank cleaning applications.

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