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Parts Drying to Lower Energy Costs and Improve Performance 


Water is often thought of as the best way to clean or cool products. When that water needs to be dried off, or lubricant removed the most effective way in many cases is air. Spraying Systems Co. are experts in drying equipment. That’s why we developed blower and compressed air solutions perfect for any size business and any application.

Generally, when water or lubricant needs to be removed from parts, compressed air is used. While this method may be highly effective, compressed air is expensive and is not usually available in the quantities required to cover drying applications. That’s why utilizing WindJet YBLW nozzles in combination with Air Knives from the team at Spraying Systems Co. is the perfect choice.

WindJet blower nozzles utilise low pressure and high volumes of blower air to achieve optimum results, while saving money and time spent on maintaining traditional compressed air solutions. Air knives can be supplied by side channel regenerative blowers, so no matter your business’s needs, Spraying Systems has the perfect solution for your application requirements. 


  • Energy cost is 20 to 25% of a regular compressed air nozzle
  • Enhance stable air flow and convert low-pressure air into a high-velocity and high impact air stream
  • The WindJet YBLW nozzles are compact and can be used in customised manifold designs to cover all shapes and sizes
  • The WindJet YBLW nozzles are ideal for sweeping wide areas and the use of adjustable hoses allow individual nozzle orientation to cover uneven surfaces or complex-shaped targets