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PathoSans Technologies is changing the culture of cleaning by empowering people to clean in a safer, more sustainable way. Pathosans isnt new to cleaning: their parent company, Spraying Systems Co., has been helping global customers solve their toughest cleaning challenges for more than 80 years. With sales, service and production operations globally, Spraying Systems Co. enables PathoSans technologies to serve customers locally, wherever they are.

A cleaner, safer, healthier world is Pathosans passion. Having introduced thousands of products that enable superior cleaning while reducing the amount of chemicals and water required, Pathosans is leading the way to a cleaner future. It became increasingly apparent that truly sustainable cleaning requires more than reducing the amount of toxic chemicals used, they need to be replaced with safer, non-toxic cleaning solutions that support the wellness of those in all communities.      


  • Reduce Waste
  • Reuse Packaging
  • Use Less Water
  • Minimize Your Carbon Footprint
  • Durable Sysem Design


Non-Toxic Cleaning Made Easy

    What makes PathoSans one of the best non-toxic cleaning products on the market? It’s simple. With no fragrances, no irritants, and no personal protective equipment (PPE) required, PathoSans electrochemically-activated solutions are safer and easy to use with optimal effectiveness. They are even effective in very dilute concentrations, because the chemicals have been activated with an electric current. Always ready-to-use, there is no mixing required which leads to less training time and fewer errors.



Significant Savings

    Consider how much of the cost of conventional cleaning chemicals are actually for the chemical itself. Then consider how much of the cost goes to manufacturing, shipping, handling, packaging, and administration costs. It just makes sense to eliminate as many steps as possible and go right to the source. In addition to those cost savings, PathoSans two green cleaning solutions, PathoClean and PathoCide, replace a whole host of harsh chemical cleaners, drastically reducing and simplifying your inventory.



Effective, Green Cleaning

    PathoSans effective green commercial cleaning products kill 99.999% of bacteria, but that is just the beginning. Most disinfectants only claim to work when left to dwell on a surface for several minutes, sometimes as long as 10 minutes. PathoSans electrochemically-activated solutions kill bacteria in seconds, not minutes. They also help prevent bacterial infections, fungal infections, viral infections, and odors from taking hold. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing shows near-total removal of odor causing soils.

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