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The award winning Klarion system uses exclusive electro-chemical activation (ECA) technology to produce powerful cleaning and sanitizing solutions that can replace toxic, traditional chemicals. The system is installed in your facility and produces solutions on demand using just salt, water and electricity.The solutions produced by the Klarion system are just as effective, and often more effective, than traditional chemicals. No changes are required to your current Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP). The cleaner and sanitizer have a 30-day shelf-life and can be used with portable tanks or in clean-in-place (CIP) systems.


  • An electrical current separates the positive- and negative-charged ions out of a sodium chloride salt solution
  • The ions are pulled through proprietary ion exchange membranes to produce two solutions: a sodium hydroxide cleaner and a hypochlorous acid sanitizer
  • It produces pure, salt-free solutions by separating the salt source from the liquid flow path in the electrolytic cell. Unlike similar ECA produced solutions, Klarion salt-free solutions can be used on stainless steel surfaces without the risk of corrosion
  • Superior electrolytic cell design results in longer cell life and maintenance-free operation



Klarion Safety

    The Klarion system produces cleaners and sanitizers in ready-to-use concentrations.In addition, the Klarion cleaner and sanitizer are non-irritating to eyes and skin and fragrance free. Workers don't need to wear protection gear when cleaning so more time can be spent working instead of suiting up or being trained on safety procedures for cleaning.Klarion system users report happier, healthier and more productive workers. One facility manager reports "my workers would quit if I went back to using traditional chemicals." Other system users have reported a decrease in employee turnover due to a safer work environment. 
    By controlling the voltage applied to the spray droplet as it is being atomized, some particles form an outer shell readily while others develop their shell gradually resulting in a wet or tacky particle. As these two types of particles colloid, they bond forming an agglomerated particle. This results in a finished product with larger particles and fewer fines which flow freely  




    The Klarion cleaner replaces concentrated chemical caustics. The Klarion sanitizer is as effective as twice the concentration of bleach. For example, 200 ppm of Klarion sanitizer does the work of 400 ppm of bleach. Both the cleaner and the sanitizer are residue-free. Traditional chemicals contain high levels of active ingredients to ensure effectiveness even when stored for long periods of time. Klarion solutions are produced on-site and on demand and are at full potency when used. As a result, micro-organisms can be effectively eliminated by the Klarion solutions containing lower levels of active chemicals.



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