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Precision Spray Technology Solutions for OSB, MDF, Plywood, Particleboard and Other Wood Producers


We have a wide range of spray nozzles and automated systems that can help you increase production and improve board quality. You'll find a wide range of spray nozzles for nail marking, cleaning, humidification, lubrication, drying, blow-off and more. We also offer five PanelSpray® systems with Precision Spray Control (PSC) for application of resin, wax, release agents and moisture. Contact your local sales engineer for a site visit and to learn more about how we can help optimize a variety of operations in your plant.


  • Precision application of resin or wax in the blender. The application rate is automatically adjusted based on chip tonnage to prevent over-application and waste
  • Precision application of release agents and moisture to boards prior to entering the press. The application rate is adjusted automatically based on line speed to ensure the proper volume is applied
  • Precision nail marking based on line speed to ensure thin, sharp marks even when operating conditions vary
  • Humidification of products or storage areas with fine mist or fogging nozzles
  • Drying and blow-off with air knife packages for dust and debris removal, air curtain creation and product cooling
  • Plant and equipment clean-up using a wide range of spray nozzles or spray guns