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The Broadest Product Offering in the Industry Backed by Decades of Experience with Chemical Processors


If you're spraying liquid or a combination of liquid and air into gas, air onto solids or into containers or vessels, we can help. We work with specialty and fine chemical producers, cement plants, waste treatment plants, paint manufacturers and others to find ways to optimize performance in a wide range of spray operations. Customers enjoy the convenience of working with a single supplier and avoiding integration issues when working with multiple suppliers.


  • Chemical injection: corrosion inhibitor, glycol, aqueous ammonia, desuperheating
  • Coating: mold release, tablets, scents and aromatics
  • Gas cooling: SO2 removal, HCL and H2SO4, SCR and SNCR NOx control
  • Dust suppression: waste incineration, material transport
  • Humidification: paint tanks, filters, storage areas, odor control
  • Liquid and product cooling: spray ponds, materials, products, pipes and tanks
  • Spray drying: detergents, soaps, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food
  • Sulfur burning: molten and spent acid
  • Tank cleaning: cleaning, sanitizing, rinsing tanks up to 100' (30 m) in diameter
  • Titanium spraying: solar panels  
  • Disposal of effluent