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Ensure Safety With Cane Trash Blowing Solutions

The safety of those working in Sugar Mills is paramount. Cane trash blowing is an important consideration for those in the industry, with solutions needing not only to meet regulations but also be efficient in order to ensure efficient sugar cane processing.

Spraying Systems Co. are the leaders in sugar production and cleaning and have cane trash blowing solutions suitable no matter the size of your business. Previously cane trash blowing was done manually by staff while the system was still in operation, which was deemed unsafe and potentially deadly.

Since this requirement changed there has been bottle necks in the production process which has added to delays costing business' money. Spraying Systems Co. uses spray bar design to ensure nozzles are pointed directly at the impact zone with the use of adjustable balls, thus ensuring the removal of the cane trash from the sensors. 

Our systems specific design ensures the removal of cane trash including billets in and around the sensor control. This is driven by our AutoJet technology which provides efficient, effective fit solutions. 


  • Focus driven results ensuring KPI performance 
  • Increased throughput with less stoppages
  • Purpose made with specific design characteristics ensuring results