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An Overview of Spraying Systems Co.


  • Global manufacturer of a wide range of spray nozzles, spray injectors/headers and automated spray controllers/systems
  • Services include spray research, performance testing and advanced modeling
  • Key applications: cleaning, coating, cooling, lubricating products and equipment, food safety, fire protection, pollution control, tank cleaning, spray drying and drying/blow-off
  • Markets served: chemical/petrochemical, food, paper, pharmaceutical, steelmaking/metal production and fabrication, fire protection, car wash, composite woods and more
  • Twelve manufacturing locations and more than 90 sales offices around the world
  • Founded in 1937 in Chicago, IL
  • Sales greater than US$100 million
  • More than 1000 employees to service our customers
  • Corporate offices in Wheaton, IL, USA


Spray technology has a large impact improving the world we live in. Spray products are used in tens of thousands of manufacturing and processing operations. Functionally, spray products clean, cool, coat, humidify, lubricate, inject, dispense, dry and more. Those operations play a very important role in making the food we eat safer, the steel used in bridges and buildings stronger, the air we breathe cleaner and more. Here are just a few examples:

  • Spraying mold inhibitors and antimicrobials on food
  • Sterilizing bottles and jars
  • Coating food products with sweeteners, oils and butter
  • Spray drying coffee
  • Spraying pesticides and herbicides on crops
  • Coating pills and capsules
  • Marking defects on paper
  • Spraying glue between layers of paper towels
  • Spraying scents and perfumes on tissue
  • Humidifying storage rooms
  • Cleaning tanker trucks, mixing vats, drums and totes
  • Blowing sub-standard products off a conveyor prior to packaging
  • Applying tints to window glass and coatings to monitors and television screens
  • Pressure washing buildings and carpets
  • Painting stripes on roads and highways
  • Cleaning steel
  • Fire protection
  • Removing pollution-causing toxins from gases
  • Deicing aircraft
  • Controlling dust in mining, construction and recycling operations
  • Washing automotive components prior to assembly