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The Spraying Systems Co. blog provides tips, advice and analysis for improving your spray performance, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.

What is Electrostatic Spray Drying?

20/09/18 With there being a variety of ways to dry product, which one is right for your business? Traditional spray drying has dominated the market for well over 50 years and has been one of the preferred ways to ensure product quality. With any technology though, there is always improvements to be made, with old ways giving way to the new.

With electrostatic spray drying, the future of spray drying is here, bringing better results for adopters of this revolutionary technology. Including benefits such as lowering evaporation rates, eliminating active ingredient loss, degradation and denaturalization, there has never been a better time for businesses that use spray drying to reconsider their business practices... Read More 


Why Audits Are Important In The Mining Industry

12/09/2018 Making sure that your business is saving resources and ultimately money is a primary concern for many who manage a mining operation. By carrying out an audit you can be sure that your operations are working at peak capacity and that your machinery isn’t being damaged by excess build up. By examining your procedures and work site an audit can be invaluable and pay for itself in the long run, particularly if you have these problems... Read More