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Sanitising your workplace for the future

14/02/20 We have felt the impact of COVID-19 on a global scale. And although there has been a level of uncertainty, there are also some positives that have emerged out of this trying time. One specific positive is the increased awareness of health and hygiene and its importance in the workplace. The New Zealand Government has provided guidelines to help manage these challenges. As we slowly return to work, there are a few key considerations that should be taking place... Read More


The Importance of Nozzle Maintenance

14/02/20 A common association consumers make with quality is the relationship between a quality tool/product and the expectation for a quality output/result. This same rule applies for the production of spray nozzles. To add to that - a quality spray nozzle and its output is dependent on its maintenance. Although spray nozzles are generally small in size and part of a larger implemented system – their size have no correlation to their importance. Nozzles that are not properly maintained present significant challenges within their application and ultimatley affect the quality of a wh... Read More

Benefits of Blower Generated Air

12/01/20 Regardless of industry, any operation that requires the application of generated air flow are sufficiently aware of the downfalls associated with it. More specifically for those that use compressed air. When compared to blower-generated air; its louder, requires higher energy consumption and the cost associated with maintenance is significantly higher. With continuous advancements in technology in a vastly growing industry, considering alternate solutions and updating your current system should be considered. For those who use the more traditional methods for drying or blowing off with use of open pipes with drilled holes or slits may not have considered the vast amount of compressed air open pipes actually use... Read More