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Hotel Cleaning: What to consider

20/08/19  For anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel, its cleanliness and its appearance are some of the main considerations. Its what hotel guests expect, and without high standards guests not only are less likely to return, but word of the hotel’s cleanliness is likely to travel by word of mouth and online. There are three main areas to consider depending on the hotel: the rooms, the restaurant and any common areas such as the reception or lobby. All are incredibly important to create a consistent, quality experience for the customers of your business. Find out more about what your business needs to consider with each area, and what products can be used to create a clean, inviting experience for guests... Read More


Reduce Carbon Footprint with Spray Drying Solutions

10/07/19 As many modern companies know the impact of your carbon footprint is a very important consideration to make. Not only from a legal perspective, but also from a social consciousness point of view, lowering CO2 emissions is seen as a positive change in the way businesses run. Not only does it benefit the environment, but it also can make sense financially. Not only can you avoid excess fines and potential legal issues, but using less power means spending less money, a double-sided benefit for any business. Spray Drying for many companies is an integral step in their production process and can’t be replaced, that’s why seeking out a cleaner, more cost-effective solution is one of the best avenues to follow. Find out how electrostatic spray drying is set to revolutionize the way companies operate and how PolarDry by the team at Fluid Air is leading the way in this positive social change... Read More


Car Washing: How to be sustainable?

06/06/19  Owning a car wash can be one of the best ways to raise revenue, as part of a petrol station or as a standalone. While car washes can be very profitable, knowing the best way to run it is important. Improper set ups can result in excess water use and electricity used, which not only is bad for the environment, but it also means losing money long term. Find out how you can limit excess by using the right equipment and the big difference that it can make not only for the environment but also your bottom line... Read More


Cleaning Stainless Steel

09/05/19  Stainless steel is a vital component in a number of industries and is utilized in a variety of ways. No matter the application stainless steel must be kept clean and protected in order to ensure its long-term use. Stainless steel is susceptible to oxidation, corrosion or “staining” which are all common.

Ensuring that rust does not build up, and the appearance and functionality of stainless steel is kept to the highest standard is imperative though, that’s why knowing how to clean this material is a must for those in any industry that use stainless steel. Find out more about what can cause rust and what your business can do to keep your processes running smoothly by protecting and cleaning stainless steel... Read More