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The Spraying Systems Co. blog provides tips, advice and analysis for improving your spray performance, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs

Safety and Cleaning in the Workplace

24/05/19  Employee satisfaction and safety are the cornerstone of any business’s practices and HR departments. Making sure the needs of your workers are met while ensuring they don’t come to any physical harm should be at the forefront of every business decision. One of the many ways that employees can be put at risk is through the materials they handle and the cleaning equipment they may use as part of their role. Traditional chemicals can be dangerous and potentially toxic, which puts your employees at greater risk of being injured in the workplace, and also creates an undesirable workplace where fear may take hold. Find out how traditional chemicals may be negatively impacting your business and how the Klarion system may be able to revolutionize your business practices as a practical, non-toxic alternative.... Read More


Cleaning Stainless Steel

09/05/19  Stainless steel is a vital component in a number of industries and is utilized in a variety of ways. No matter the application stainless steel must be kept clean and protected in order to ensure its long-term use. Stainless steel is susceptible to oxidation, corrosion or “staining” which are all common.

Ensuring that rust does not build up, and the appearance and functionality of stainless steel is kept to the highest standard is imperative though, that’s why knowing how to clean this material is a must for those in any industry that use stainless steel. Find out more about what can cause rust and what your business can do to keep your processes running smoothly by protecting and cleaning stainless steel... Read More


Meet Our New Product Specialist

03/04/19 Spraying Systems Australia is proud to announce Michel Fernandes who is joining us as a product specialist for Klarion and Pathosans Systems. We are excited to have Michel on board who will be helping us to service customers Australia wide in order to bring them the best experience possible while learning more about these exciting and innovative products... Read More


What is Die Lubrication?

05/03/19  In metal work being able to make sure that friction and undesired heat does no damage the final product is important. While the machines used, and other related equipment is often looked at and audited, the use of lubrication is over looked both from a cost point and from effectiveness. By getting the right lubrication the equipment efficiency can be greatly improved which can save your company over time, and also can produce better long-term outcomes. By knowing more about this essential element of the production process and knowing how it affects every other step, businesses can find out the most efficient solutions for them... Read More