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Prevent Quality Problems and Minimize Use of Costly Chemicals with Precision Spraying


AutoJet Tissue Lamination Spray Systems and Self-Cleaning Header Spray Systems are ideal for applying adhesives, lotions, brighteners, scents, antimicrobials and other additives to personal care products such as tissue and hygienic products. These are fully automated spray systems – including cleaning cycles – to eliminate clogging and ensure optimal performance.

If you are spraying foamed adhesives for tissue or towel lamination, our PlyAble® System ensures better bonding using less adhesive than knurling wheels and hot-melt or water-based adhesive systems. Learn more about PlyAble Adhesive from H.B. Fuller Co.

If you are spraying other viscous lotions, starches, scents or other additives, our AutoJet Self-Cleaning Header System provides precise application with minimal clogging and maintenance time.


  • Minimizes waste by precise automated spray control of volume applied
  • Closed-loop flow control automatically adjusts spray volume as line speed changes
  • Prevents oversaturation and scrap
  • Self-cleaning cycles minimize maintenance downtime by thorough cleaning of nozzle interior and exterior
  • Efficient operation results in operating cost reductions up to 50% over other application technologies