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Uniform Application of Fire Retardants, Stain Resistant Chemicals and Other Chemistries on Flooring and Carpet


Foam rolling systems generally over- or under-apply chemistry on floors and carpets during manufacturing. Over-application is costly and wasteful. Under-application problems don’t become apparent until after installation by the customer. The AutoJet Floor and Carpet Coating Spray System eliminates these problems by ensuring the proper volume of chemical is applied consistently and uniformly without waste – even when line speed or carpet width changes.


  • Eliminates quality problems and eliminates end-user dissatisfaction
  • Eliminates waste by precisely applying chemicals only where needed and at a consistent application rate even when operating conditions change
  • Increases production by automatically adjusting the application rate when carpet type changes
  • Reduces shipping costs and pollution – dilution of concentrates occurs in small day tanks inside the control cabinet
  • Improves operating versatility – fast change between chemicals with little or no downtime; flushing and filling tanks are eliminated
  • Eliminates the need for surfactants required for foam rolling systems
  • Easy operation; minimal maintenance

* System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for availability and additional options.