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Applying Dry Lubricant to Flat Top Conveyor Systems 


Lubricant diluted in water and sprayed onto flat top conveyor chain is a common method of reducing friction between packaged products and the flat top conveyor. Examples of these systems are found in the beverage industry. However, this method does unfortunately use large volumes of water and the resultant overspray causes wet and slippery floors. The wet flat top conveyors also contribute to package damage and general house-keeping issues.

To combat these issues, we have come up with the Dry Lubrication System which is comprised of QuickFogger® spray nozzles and a fluid delivery system, controlled by a PLC. The system is designed to apply a thin film of dry lubricant to the surface of the conveyor which leads to a low friction surface between the product and the flat top conveyor.    


  • QuickFogger nozzles are able to dramatically reduce air consumption
  • Multiple application points can be targeted, if need be
  • Packages remain intact and undamaged
  • Improved worker safety due to cleaner floors

For more information about how this system can benefit the operations at your site, please contact your local spray solutions specialist.