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AutoJet® Blade Lubrication System   


In today’s world, people are becoming more vigilant about the type of snack foods they eat. Products such as cereal and muesli bars appeal greatly as they can be eaten on the go and are a healthier alternative compared to other snacks. 

During production, the snack bars need to be cut in to individual sizes from a large slab. However due to the sticky nature of the bars, the cutting blades need to be properly lubricated to ensure a clean and efficient cut. If blades are not lubricated sufficiently enough, product will begin to accumulate on the blade surface. This not only results in increased cleaning downtime but it can cause excess product waste. 

The AutoJet® Blade Lubrication System is designed to adequately coat cutting blades with enough vegetable oil to ensure the blades remain clean after each cut. The system consists of an AutoJet® 1550+ spray controller and PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles. The PulsaJet spray nozzles are positioned to coat the surface of each blade with a precise amount of vegetable oil after every stroke. Precision Spray Control (PSC) is utilised to ensure a consistent and even spray is achieved whilst minimising misting and overspray.


  • Reduction in excess oil waste
  • Decreased product scrap rate due to an irregular cut
  • Misting is reduced thus leading to increased worker safety
  • Cleaning downtime is minimised 

For more information about how this system can benefit the operations at your site, please contact your local spray solutions specialist.